InclusionUS. Promoting economic & social inclusion in the United States.

Improving programs for those farthest from the labor market.

A key feature of economic and social inclusion is participation and progression in employment. Learn more about our work with employment and workforce development programs >>

Building partnerships across government agencies, enterprise and the non-profit sector.

Strong partnerships can lead to powerful economic and social change in local communities. Learn more about the tools we use >>

Comparing policy in the US, UK and beyond.

We’re connected to policy networks in the US, UK and internationally. We make it easy to share ideas through comparative research, international study visits, events and skype roundtables.
Learn more >>

Promoting economic and social inclusion.

We provide research and consultancy on labor markets, workforce and skills, economic development, social enterprise, education, housing, health and mental health, poverty, children and families, access to services, equality and diversity, and the transition to a green economy.  Learn more >>

Developing evidence for good decision-making.

We use reliable data sets to inform your local economic and social narrative.  Combined with local knowledge, our toolkits can help you initiate and measure real change. Learn more >>


Contact InclusionUS

US phone: 1 202 870 4871
UK phone: 07754 662 806
twitter: @SocInclusionUS


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